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India Summer

India Summer

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April 26
Des Moines - Iowa - United States




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Contrary to her stage name, India Summer, has nothing to do with the country stated. She was born in 1976 in Des Moines, Iowa and has worked as a lifeguard, tracker and amateur swinger prior to her entry in the adult entertainment industry. She started having explicit content in December 2005 and her full time commitment has been signed in September 2006. With a stunning body and having great passion in her over 500 adult movies, she has received MILF of the Year Award in 2010, 2012 and 2014 alongside with her Best Actress Award in 2011. Dwindling in the director seat she has only had one try at it which she didn’t like very much so she didn’t pursuit it further. It would be a shame to not check out this girl who is has a lot of experience from her career and her 10 year old marriage. You would also be very happy to hear she is practicing yoga, tantric sex and meditation.

AKA: Ms Summer

India Summer