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The name of the website is as misleading as it can get. There is no real bear dancing, just a stripper with a teddy bear head on going from table to table in the club or private pa...rties fucking all the drunk ladies in his path. These bitches have lost all inhibitions from just a sip of alcohol and now their pussies are craving some big bones.
You can find bachelorettes, birthday girls, and sorority chick, all hiring this dude to come and crash their party while also providing them with the much needed dick with no strings attached.
With monthly updates and an already sizeable library of over 100 videos, the action is always exciting as you can see what happens when a lot of girls gather to have some fun. When we say a lot of girls we mean a lot, like from 20 to 50 girls in the same room watching their friends getting fucked or being the ones touching the stripper.
The movies are lengthily enough as the guys actually perform a whole routing before getting down to business and there is a difference from clip to clip depending on how shy the girls are but in the end they all have a taste.
If you are into this sort of kink with innocent girls getting forced by peer pressure to fuck a complete stranger while surrounded by her friends then this website also allows you to get their movies in HD quality so you can watch them offline as well.

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Sucking in the ring 07:00
Sucking in the ring
Dancing Bear
14.03.16 64.8k
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Public club blowjob 07:00
Public club blowjob
Dancing Bear
13.03.16 46.9k
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Shots and dick sucking 07:00
Shots and dick sucking
Dancing Bear
13.03.16 13.8k
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Getting blowed by chubby MILF 07:00
Getting blowed by chubby MILF
Dancing Bear
12.03.16 17.9k
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Public throat fucking 06:59
Public throat fucking
Dancing Bear
09.03.16 6k
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Public teddy bear sucking 06:59
Public teddy bear sucking
Dancing Bear
08.03.16 8.8k
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Feed this babe with a hard cock 06:41
Feed this babe with a hard cock
Dancing Bear
07.03.16 11.4k
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