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Mira Cuckold

Mira Cuckold

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May 19



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Mira Cuckold (born 19 May) declares in her Twitter post clearly, to position her in the adult industry: “I wanna be one of the biggest anal slut in the porn :))))” (August 27, 2015). She loves the kinky and bondage stuff, and not just plain vanilla sex like some other porn stars do. Her career is in good phase of start, with already two contract for studios in place. She is happy to share her personal life in YouTube, describing her ambition and tendency, if not habit, to acquire the dominating role, also in her domestic matters. Taking this into account, it is only natural and fascinating that she is up to the Martial Arts, and that nice flavour can be seen in her performance for the adult industry. Long Live the Queen!

Mira Cuckold