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Lisa Luv

Lisa Luv

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October 19




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Lisa Luv is a new redhead girl who performs as an actress and adult model in the adult entertainment industry. Born on the 19th of October 1994 in Russia, this sexy young beast has no problem showing all of her skills in front of a camera. Started performing in 2013, her shaved pussy has worked for Sunset Media and Juicy Entertainment to bring to life six titles up until 2014. They all end with her pretty face being drenched in a big load of cum and one of them even includes some Hardcore anal scenes. Being barely legal puts her in the experimenting phase of her sexuality which means she is open for a lot of kinky stuff. Also known as Lisa Velvet, she has a lot more scenes floating about on the internet and you will definitely recognize her by her curly red hair and her cat tattoo on the left of her stomach. Still being a newbie it’s only a matter of time before a big production company will put their paws on her and train her into the fine arts of erotic fucking.

AKA: Lisa Velvet, Janette, Liza, Janelle, Lisa C

Lisa Luv