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Kylie Amour

Kylie Amour

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November 23



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Kylie Amour has been a pornographic actress, adult model and webcam girl which has retired from the industry in 2014. Born on the 23rd of November 1990, she was a tall and slim figured performed which started her career back in 2009. During her stay she also got be known as Bonnie, Elise, Gloria, Ophelie Paige C, Susi, Svetik, Svettouch and Valonia. With a wide variety of performances, Kylie Amour was in general a very seductive and sensual girl who enjoyed the foreplay the most out of the whole sex routine. Without it she would not be able to perform because the chemistry would not be there between her and her partner. She may have left because she has not found what she was looking for but the experiences she had were not in vain as she got to learn a lot about herself and her body.

AKA: Bonnie, Elise, Gloria, Ophelie, Paige, Paige C, Susi, Svetik, Svettouch, Valonia

Kylie Amour


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