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Holly Halston

Holly Halston

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December 31
Hollywood, California, United States




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Holly Halston is undoubtedly one of the most popular stars of the MILF-themed porn films. Blond-haired and tremendously voluptuous, Holly began her career in front of erotic film cameras in 2001 at age 27. She worked as a stripper in conjunction with her porn career. In the adult film world, viewers are perhaps best familiar with Holly for her work in the mature-themed films, often times portraying sexually-seasoned women in need of "fresh" experiences that only younger men can provide her. Or in one word: cougars. The star of Big Mommy Boobs 3 and Bang My Step Mom 2 is a clear signifier between the highest quality MILF porn and the stuff anybody can film with a camcorder and a willing old lady. With over 150 films under her belt, across her decade-long career, Holly continues to provide scintillating and highly-energetic scenes that her fans seemingly cannot get enough of. Holly Halston can be found doing pretty much every sex act imaginable: blowjobs, anal, threesomes, tit wanks, facials, the works.

AKA: Ms. Holly, Mrs. Holly, Holly Halston, Holly Holston, Holly

Holly Halston