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Amanda Monroe

Amanda Monroe

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Brunette babe from Latvia, Amanda Monroe was born on the 4th of April, 1985. She is known under many names like depending on with whom she worked with. You can find her work as Agnes, Mia, Marcia, Ilzie, Marica and Elsa as well. Started working at the age of 26 in the adult entertainment industry in 2011, she is specialized in doing girl on girl scenes and solo work with her pussy getting orgasms over and over again. She may not be a dancer but she has other methods of seduction to drag you into her world even though she has A cups. Most of her work is with Strapless dildo but she had contract with Evil Angel and Rocco Siffredi and all together she has been featured in over 30 titles. You can expect some squirting out of this girl as well as some pretty big toys being stuffed up her cooch.

AKA: Agnes, Elsa, Ilka, Ilze, Liza, Marcia, Mia, Mia G, Mia Michelle

Amanda Monroe